Decorum Approved

ADOPTED:     8-29-2020    

Potawatomi Property Owners Association

Board of Directors

Meeting Guidelines

Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of the Directors: The Board shall act in accordance with and support the Covenants, act in the best interests of the association, maintain the common property, establish rental policies for use of the common property, maintain the financial solvency of the association and maintain the financial and other records of the association.


  1. 1. Board meetings shall operate under Robert’s Rules of Parliamentary Procedure to conduct busin
  2. Agenda
  3. b. Motions
  4. c. Points of order
  5. 2. Formal minutes of each meeting will be recorded by the Secretary, or designee.

Meetings may be electronically recorded for accuracy.

  1. 3. Board members shall remain respectful at all tim


  1. 1. There will be a formal agenda for each regular meetin
  2. 2. Regular meeting agendas will be posted at potawatomipropertyownecom at least 72 hours prior to each regular meeting.
  3. 3. Board members may submit “New Business” items prior to the start of each meetin
  4. 4. All regular meeting agendas will have a standing agenda item allowing an opportunity for general membership to make comments to the Board.

GUESTS (General Membership)

  1. 1. The general membership of PPOA are welcome (and encouraged) to attend regular meetings.
  2. 2. General membership will be invited to speak during the membership comment period of each regular meeting agenda. Guests are asked to identify themselves and their PPOA address for the meeting minutes.
  1. 3. Guests are asked to refrain from comments on agenda items unless invited to speak on that agenda ite
  2. 4. If the Board retires to an executive session (assessments, personnel, legal, etc.), guests will not be allowed to attend the executive session.
  3. 5. Guests shall remain respectful at all t Guests not being respectful or disrupting a meeting may be asked to leave and may be barred from attending future meetings as a guest.

These meeting guidelines shall be reviewed and adopted annually at the Board of Directors’ annual meeting following the PPOA Annual Meeting and will be posted at