PPOA Unused Buildable Common Properties For Possible Sale

PPOA 6 Unused “Buildable” Common Properties For Possible Sale

In the assessment letters of December 2022, the board asked a question to the property owners the willingness to allow the board to consider selling the unused common properties in order to reduce the yearly tax burden, to invest in and update and repair the used common properties.

The following properties that are being considered to sell are as follows:
Pawnee (lot 51), Cherokee (lot 5), Cree (lot 3), Shawnee (lot 26), Blackdeer (lot 1), and Cheyenne (lot 5).

A map indicating where the properties are located will be posted on the PPOA website.

In addition, the properties that are considered non-buildable properties will be considered for sale as well.

The properties that will not be considered to be sold are as follows:

Island, Golf course, Campground, Screen porch (picnic grounds), old Archery range, tractor barn, and any and all lake access areas.

All unbuildable common properties will also possibly be sold.

There were some questions raised by some of the property owners.

Thank You!
PPOA Board of Directors

PPOA Unused common properties 2023


unused common properties map