2023 Assessment Letter

Dear Potawatomi Property Owner,

Invoice: Enclosed is your 2023 Annual Assessment. Verify your mailing address before returning your payment. Remember to make a copy of the invoice for your records.

Past Due Assessments: Any balance less than 53 weeks in arrears will be added to the 2023 invoice. After 53 weeks in arrears, delinquent balances are forwarded to a collection agency for processing.

Selling your Property: Contact PPOA at 715-869-6200 If you sell your property without using a REALTOR.

Transfer Fee: Members shall pay a fee equivalent to the annual assessment for each lot in which ownership is transferred. (i.e.: 1 lot=$50.00, 2 lots=$100.00; 3 lots=$150.00; etc.). The joining of lots for assessment purposes (Article V, Section 3 of the Restrictive Covenants) does not apply to this property transfer fee.

PPOA Contact Information: Calling 715-869-6200 is the best way to contact the PPOA Board of Directors. Just leave a detailed message, phone number, and Email address and a PPOA Board member will return your call.
Rental Information: Would you like to rent a cabin or campground site, but don’t have Internet access? Call 715-869-6200 and leave a detailed message. A PPOA Board member will return your call and assist you with the reservation.

Volunteers and Donations: Many projects were completed this past season because of volunteers donating their time, talents, and expertise. Thank you! You are invaluable to our association.
In 2023, we would like to focus on completing the roof repairs to the Wanigan, painting the outsides of several cabins, and acquiring campground site water. We would also like to continue replacing picnic tables (basic kit costs approx. $175.00) on Common Properties.

Not everyone can volunteer time or physical labor. Perhaps you’d consider an extra monetary contribution with your assessment payment. If you are willing to become a “Financial Volunteer,” please indicate the amount on the remittance form at the bottom of the page and include the amount when you return your assessment payment. If you can volunteer your personal time, indicate so on the Volunteer contact information at the bottom of the page and return with your assessment payment.

2023 Annual Meeting: The PPOA Annual Meeting will be held Saturday, August 19, 2023 at 9:30 a.m. Changes to the meeting date, time or location will be posted at potawatomipropertyowners.com

Selling PPOA Common Properties: Would you be willing to allow the Board of Directors to consider selling vacant/unused common properties to lower the approximate $11,000.00 annual tax burden to our association in order to invest in and refurbish our PPOA Common Properties? Please vote below and return with your assessment payment.

Not able to vote from here. Please use the voting forms sent with your actual assessment letter and invoice.