Special Board Meeting

Saturday, February 20, 2021 – 9:00 AM

PPOA Special Board Meeting-via Zoom

Call to Order

Rob called this special meeting to order at 9:08 a.m. noting a quorum was present.


Quickbooks Update-Quickbooks is up and running with all 360 members loaded. Rob and Rick have worked together to achieve this. Rob worked with Chippewa Valley Bank and we are able to do online banking for checking and savings and it can interface with Quickbooks. Everything
is verified by the Treasurer. A chart of accounts was built to match the corporation taxes. Rick is still using the spreadsheet process that has been in place in order to verify and authenticate the new system.

Audit Update-The audit is complete. There are no changes in our processes needed per the accountants.

Correspondence-Rob reports a great amount of emails from members through the website. Our members are engaged and interested in their association.

Approval of the Agenda-Michelle motioned to approve the agenda. Joe seconded the motion. All were in favor. Agenda approved.

Receive and File the Audit-. Michelle motioned to receive and file the audit. Rick seconded the motion. All were in favor. Approved to receive and file the audit.

Approval of Minutes from October 17, 2020-Rick motioned to approve the minutes from
October 17, 2020. Michelle seconded. All were in favor. Minutes approved.

Policy Approval

Past Due Balance Policy-Rob discussed the Past Due Policy and would like to change the process of past due assessments. Much time and legal fees have gone into the collection of past due assessments. Quickbooks will generate the initial assessment due letter. If a member fails to
pay assessment by due date, Quickbooks will know who is past due and will generate statements stating past due assessments as well as additional fees due. A total of five invoices/statements will be sent. If a member becomes 53 weeks in arrears, he would like the account sent to a collections contractor. The Board will continue to meet twice a year, May and October, to discuss the past due accounts during an Executive/Closed session.

Joe made a motion to approve the Past Due Policy. Michelle seconded. All were in favor to approve the Past Due Balance Policy.

Accounting and Revenue Handling Policy-The Board reviewed and discussed the Accounting and Revenue Handling Policy which is on a cash basis using Chippewa Valley Bank utilizing online banking services to interface with Quickbooks bookkeeping system. Association will only accept personal or business checks or money orders. The Treasurer will produce an Operating Statement (last full MTD; YTD; comparison to prior year), Balance Sheet (cash on hand), and any reasonable report as requested through action of the Board. Rental fees for guests of property owners shall be applied to the property owner’s account. Details of the rental (name, dates, rental, guest, etc.) shall be added to the rental invoice.

Rick made a motion to adopt the Accounting and Revenue Handling Policy. Michelle seconded. All were in favor. The Accounting and Revenue Handling Policy was approved.

2021 Rental Program

Proposed Reservations Start Date-March 1st the Island along with weekly or seasonal campground reservations will be open. March 15th everything else will be available for reservations.

COVID-19 Restrictions-restrictions will be lifted, all cabins open.

COVID-19 Protocols-we will still practice Covid-19 Protocols. Social distancing, washing hands, and sanitization will still be required. Signage will continue to be in place on PPOA properties. Cleaning will continue to follow protocols.

Contract Labor-Our cleaning person will not be available this year. We need staff for cleaning/housekeeping. If you know of anyone who may be interested let us know. We will be seeking a new contract labor cleaning/housekeeper position. Also could use volunteers for spring cleaning.

Update on Campground Building Renovations-Rick updated us on the campground. Plumber is on deck to input the fixtures (toilets, sinks, showerheads) in the bathrooms. Everything else is ready to go. Plumber will be contacted for final installations.

Volunteer Program-The board discussed volunteer opportunities and how to establish a volunteer community. Michelle will be the Volunteer Coordinator with Joe’s assistance while receiving notification from Rick which projects need to be completed. These projects will vary in time involved and nature. Raking, picking up branches, spring cleaning, interior/exterior
painting and building picnic tables are all examples of tasks that could be completed by volunteers. This spring we will be installing fiber optic, creating a centralized PPOA office, and bringing a community center to the Wanigan where members and their guests may gather. There are tasks that volunteers can do to help achieve this.

The Board’s greatest concern is communicating with the PPOA members. A decision was made that we will use the webpage, signs, word of mouth, and phone calls to seek volunteerism from PPOA members for a variety of tasks from which members can choose what THEY would like to do. Rob reiterated that there are many smaller jobs that we need to be completed and this would be a great way to get this done. Also, many members made additional donations to the organization when paying this year’s assessments. These dollars will be used for paint, brushes, and other supplies needed for completion of these projects.

Adjournment-Joe made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Rob seconded. Approved. Meeting adjourned at 11:45.

Minutes submitted by Michelle Boheim, PPOA Secretary