Meeting minutes-UNAPPROVED June 19, 2021

Meeting minutes-June 19, 2021

Call to Order

A meeting of the Potawatomi Property Owners Association (PPOA) Board of Directors (BoD) was called to order by Rob Lynch at 9:00 a.m. in the Wanigan Boardroom. This meeting was recorded and minutes were taken. Guests present: Ingmar Ekstrom.

Board members attending were Rob Lynch, Rick Tello, and Michelle Boheim. Joe Girten is attending via Zoom. A quorum was present.

Membership Comment Period

Mr. Ekstrom is present on behalf of the Aquatic Invasive Species Committee. He is looking for shoreline monitors for some of Potawatomi lakes. We will get information on website.


We may need to change date of the next meeting.


Accepted correspondence. Board members to view three-ring binder.

Approval of Agenda

Michelle motioned to approve the agenda, Rick seconded. All ayes. Motion carried.

Approval of Minutes from May 15, 2021

May minutes were not available at this time.

Treasurer’s Report

Rick presented the Treasurer’s information.

Rob stated that June 30th will mark the end of the old way of bookkeeping. As of July 1, 2021 we will be using QuickBooks only.

In the future, Rob will send reports to Board of Directors before the meeting for review. Financials are available on the PPOA website.

Joe made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Michelle seconded. All ayes. Motion


Rental update- July and August are busy for rentals.

Maintenance update-the women’s side of the campground building has been completed. Men’s
side needs to be finished. Discussed painting the outside of building.

There was discussion about recent issues with the shower house/restroom building being abused. Rob stated that this is a reminder to PPOA members that these facilities are a privilege, not a right, as with all of the PPOA facilities. If the facilities are abused, they will be locked up and unavailable for use. PPOA members are owners of this property and abuses of properties will not be tolerated.

Volunteer update-We’ve had an increase of volunteers helping with painting, mowing, and raking. Michelle will put together a list of volunteers for thank you letters.

Old Business
Campground road was discussed. Jerome Excavating Contractors will complete this project. Island causeway repairs were discussed. Having difficulty determining who actually owns and is
responsible for the Island causeway. Determination will continue to be investigated with appropriate parties.

New Business

Annual Meeting and Picnic was discussed. It was suggested to combine these events and move to the campground.

Rob presented the agenda for the Annual Meeting.

Board of Directors agreed to combine the Annual Picnic and Annual Meeting on Saturday, August 21, 2021 (rain date Sunday, August 22, 2021).

Discussed menu for picnic.

Association By-Laws-Rob would like to form a committee for review of the By-Laws and
Covenants. This will be a large project that will take time.


Rick motioned to adjourn the meeting. Michelle seconded. All ayes. Motion carried.