Meeting minutes-April 17, 2021

Meeting minutes-April 17, 2021

Call to Order
A meeting of the Potawatomi Property Owners Association (PPOA) Board of Directors (BoD) was called to order by Rob Lynch at 9:02 a.m. The meeting was changed to a Zoom meeting for a variety of reasons; Joe was in Illinois, the Island was not open (no plumbing available), and
Covid is still an issue. A notice was placed on the website and Island buildings. This meeting was recorded and minutes were taken.

Board members attending were Rob Lynch, Rick Tello, Joe Girten, and Michelle Boheim. A
quorum was present.

Rob addressed the Board of Directors’ personal emails have been consistently hit with spam. The spam should lessen as he has switched the contact info on the website. Members can click on Contact Any Board Member which generates an email which will be routed to Rob. He
then will route the email to the appropriate board member. Currently on the website, when a member clicks on Contact Us, the email goes to Rob only. Rental contact goes to Rick and Rob, Volunteer contact goes directly to Michelle. For sustainability purposes, we need to have at least two board members listed. Joe will be the second contact for the main Contact Us, as well as the second contact for Volunteering.

Calendar-This meeting was to be hiring discussion; however, has been changed to talk about operations.

Assessments-May meeting will be about past due assessments. We will have the bulk of assessment payments received by May meeting. We did vote on the handling of past due assessments at last meeting. Rob wants us all to be informed on this subject.

Website-Rob developed a sign to be placed around the Potawatomi area to help direct people to go to the website for all PPOA information.

Cabin and building signage-Rob developed rental guidelines/rules and regulations signage to be displayed in cabins and buildings. These will replace the multiple smaller notifications. It specifically states if renter does damage, the sponsoring PPOA member will be assessed for the damage. He would like to get 8 ½ x 11 inch Plexiglas bolted to walls of cabins and be able to update notices as needed.

Michelle developed a poster with Covid-19 guidelines and local hospital contact information to be placed in cabins and buildings.

Rob found an online voicemail system that will be turned on in about a month. No contract is required. Renters will be able to call the number, the system turns that call into an email, and the email will be sent to Rick directly. Rick will receive this on his phone and address as needed. In Rick’s absence this email will be switched over to another contact increasing our sustainability.

Rob is working with a collections company out of Superior and Hibbing. This should be done by our next meeting.

Open House May 15th- Rob would like to add an Island Clean Up in afternoon. We will have the
Open House, Board meeting, and then do some clean-up as long as we are all there.

The Potawatomi picnic is scheduled in July. The annual meeting is scheduled in August. Let’s consider combining the two events in order to get more people to our annual meeting. We would have the annual meeting, provide a program, and then have the picnic. Get into details at a later time.

Rob put together a book on all the emails we’ve received. He will put the book in the Wanigan PPOA office. Emails consist of address changes, emails questions/discussions, as well as the Drumbeat. Rental requests not included as Rick keeps a record of those.

Approval of the Agenda
Joe motioned to approve the agenda. Rick seconded. All ayes. Motion carries.

Approval of Minutes from February 20, 2021 Special Meeting
Rick motioned to approve the minutes. Michelle seconded. All ayes. Motion carries.

Membership Comment Period
No membership present as this was changed to a Zoom meeting. This meeting was recorded;
minutes were taken and will be posted on website when approved.

Treasurer’s Report
Rick –we haven’t approved any income or expense reports since October. We have all seen
them and they’ve been posted on website. We have no questions.
Rob stated that we are using QuickBooks (new software) as well as Rick still using the old method for accounting.
Rick gave final numbers reported to Mischke and Associates for 2020. Discussed financials. We
are in good position. Income will be going up in part because we don’t have a big expense of manager as in past. There are some larger expenses coming up. We can move forward with much needed projects.

Assessments are going very well, as we are close to receiving all of current assessments. We have collected quite a bit of past due assessments, as well. Letter we sent out was very good.

Also some properties that had past due assessments sold so title company sends us a check. We need to continue to keep track of the assessments, late assessments, and houses for sale. PPOA receives payment of late assessments from title companies at the sale of property. We need paper trail, keep track, keep efforts up, as there has been a lot of property turnover this year.

We discussed possibility of listing link on our website to all properties for sale in Town of
Barnes. Keep it to what people already have access to. We will think about.

We’ve received $2051.77 in donations much to do with the letter that was sent with assessment notice.

Joe asked if we will eventually go to one accounting method. Rob, yes, probably go through summer. No other questions. Michelle made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Joe seconded. All ayes. Motion carries.

Rob started showing QB. All 360 PPOA members and corresponding property information are in QB. QB is directly connected to Chippewa Valley Bank and is continuously updated. Because of this, along with other Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), we will have less need to address questions regarding what each check is for, etc. We require two signatures for
each check written. Transfers require three signatures.

Rick showed QB and how it works directly with Chippewa Valley Bank. He showed the ease of use yet detailed information when working with QB.

Rental reservations – Rick
Reservations have begun.

Volunteer network – Michelle
Rob developed a Volunteer area on the PPOA website. We will use signage and word of mouth to attract volunteers. We will continue meeting with new property owners.

Four picnic table kits have been ordered and need to be assembled. Joe and Rob will continue working on signage.
Signage repairs – Joe
Potawatomi signage was discussed. Some signage is very old and needs replacing. The Board will be looking at this and begin replacing signs as needed.

PPOA office – Rob
We will have a centralized office in the Wanigan where we can work. Rob has purchased a printer and upgraded computers.
Norvado will install fiber optic and wave $200 fee to bring it in. They will need to run wire under porch into office which will cost. We’ll have 100 mb speed. $99.99 month May through Sept.
We will pay $25 annually in order to downgrade service at $10 per month during off season. We will need to purchase hardware. Rob will get specific technical requirements from Norvado and will work to get the equipment donated.

Contract labor – Rob/Rick
Housekeeper position listed on website.

Need to have Spring Cleaning done. May need to hire someone for this specifically. We discussed possibilities. Rick has lead on someone in cleaning business.
Beds have to be wiped down due to Covid-19. Spray sanitizer would help speed cleaning
process. Rick and Joe will work together to resolve.

Old Business
No old business. Resolved

New Business
Campground road
We had Money set aside in budget for campground road. However, that money will be used to finish campground building. No decisions need to be made today. Money not budgeted under capital improvements but we can use money from savings.

Rob would like to move annual picnic and meeting to campground as we have space, parking, water, restrooms, power, and we want to showcase the improvements to the campground.

Island parking permits
Rob is in the midst in creating and distributing permits. We will each have a supply and issue as needed. Expense of laminating and sending permits was very high when only limited number of folks actually used them. PPOA members need to use their old permit until they are issued new one. Parking permits will be available at Open House.
Rick said Mischke and Associates has filed the Wisconsin tax return. Adjournment
Rick motioned to adjourn the meeting. Joe seconded. All ayes. Motion carried.