2021 PPOA Budget Retreat Assumptions

2021 PPOA Budget Assumptions


• Assessments and rental income will remain relatively unchanged from 2020. Consider
COVID-19 restrictions in place for 2021
• Donations will be up due to appeal during assessment collection period
• Firewise grant to match 2020


• Postage/printing reduction for second Drumbeat (appeal to go electronic)
• Printing parking permits
• Office supplies – printer, modem, router

Contract Labor

• Additional expenses
o Maintenance (transition some duties from volunteer work – i.e.: painting, mowing, minor repairs, etc. to contract labor)
o Wanigan hot water heater ($1000)
o Audit expenses ($5000)
o Monthly Quickbooks
o Monthly Internet expense

Firewise Expenses

• Matches 2020 allocation

Maintenance Expenses

• Repair materials: picnic tables, paint, chinking material, repairs, signage, etc.


• No major changes


• No major changes

Utility Expenses

• Propane purchase 2021
• No other major changes from 2020

Legal Expense

• Past due assessments

Capital Expenditures

• Campground road

November 18, 2020